Ordinances and Resolutions


Ordinance 2024-01-15 Amend Utility Permit Ordinance

Ord 2023-05-15-1 Amend for Concept Review Fees

Ord 2023-05-15-2 Construction Permit for Utilities

Ordinance 2023-03-20 Ordinance to amend the Ordinance relating to regulation of parks and navigable waters

Title 6-2 Amend Driveway Ordinance

Ordinance Title 6 Chapter 2 Road

Ordinance No. 2022-08-15 An Ordinance Establishing A New Ethics Code For The Town of Warren, St. Croix Country, Wisconsin

Ordinance No. 2022-06-20 An Ordinance to Establish a Park Committee for the Town of Warren, St. Croix Country, Wisconsin

Ordinance No. 2022-6-20 An Ordinance to Amend the Town of Warren Code of Ordinance To Create the Position fo Code Enforcement Officer

Implements of Husbandry Opt Out effective 1-1-2023

Wards Map Ordinance 2022-5

Burning Fire Ordinance 2021

Amendment Ordinance 15-1-3 State Uniform Dwelling Code Enforcement

Amendment to Ordinance No. 14-1-70 Required Design Standards

Amendment to Ordinance No. 5-2-5 - Police Power of the Department Investigation of Fires

10-6 All-Terrain Vehicle Route Ordinance

Implements of Husbandry Ordinance (Updated 10-19-2015)

Adopting Official Map 2009

Blasting Ordinance

Boat Wake Limit on Twin Lakes

Monitoring Water Quality

Nonmetallic Mine Operator's License

Ordinance to Establish Procedures and Criteria for Allowing Alternative Forms of Sworn Testimony at Board of Review Hearings

Speed Limits

Title - Code Table of Contents

Title 01 - General Provisions

Title 1 Chapter 3 Fee schedule 2021

Title 02 - Government and Administration

Title 03 - Finance and Public Records

Title 04 - Administrative Determinations Review

Title 05 - Public Safety

 Title 6 - Driveways; Culverts 

Title 07 - Licensing and Regulation

Title 08 - Health and Sanitation

Title 09 - Public Utilities

Title 09 - Utility District Sewer Use

Title 09 - Utility District Water Use

Title 10 - Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Title 11 - Offenses and Nuisances

Title 12 - Parks and Navigable Waters

Title 13 - Zoning

Title 14 - Construction Site Erosion Control

Title 14 - Subdivision and Platting

Title 15 - Building Code

Title 15 - Building Permit Fees